What Makes a Strong Trademark?

A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, color, or combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. It’s how customers recognize you in the marketplace and distinguish you from your competitors. It should be easy to speak and spell. It should be easy to remember. It should not be too lengthy and complicated to be forgotten easily. The best trademarks are invented words, coin words, or nonsense words. The worst trademarks are highly descriptive or generic words. Take the word apple. If I’m an apple farmer, I cannot get a registered trademark for the word apple because it’s just generic to my goods. However, if I’m a computer company and I sell computers under the word Apple, that’s a complete nonsense word. A great trademark, in other words. Ideally, most trademarks are suggestive marks. A quality of your product is discussed. but it is not descriptive. If you have more questions, we suggest consulting with an experienced intellectual property attorney.