Supplemental Register

Ideally, your trademark is a unique word or design. But what are your options if the mark is descriptive or contains geographic terms? This is where the Supplemental Register may be an option. The Supplemental Register serves as a gateway for trademarks not yet eligible for the Principal Register’s full protection.

It offers valuable benefits including a public record of the mark and the ability to use the Register R symbol. While lacking the Principal Register’s presumptive validity, enrollment on the Supplemental Register can confer crucial advantages such as notice to potential infringers and to enhance visibility in trademark searches.

Moreover, it allows marks descriptive in the nature or lacking distinctiveness to gain recognition over time. Potentially becoming eligible for principal register status. Embracing the Supplemental Register can be a strategic move for businesses seeking to protect their trademark while navigating the complexities of trademark law.

If you have more questions, I suggest consulting with an experienced trademark attorney.